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Getafe is one of the main towns in the southern part of Madrid, just 14 km. from the center of the capital. Without a doubt, one of the most industrialized in the metropolitan area of Madrid. The importance of this town also comes from its military airbase, one of the oldest in the country; of the hill of the angels, traditionally considered the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula; and Carlos III University, whose rectory is in the city.

The proximity of Getafe to Madrid has led to a great industrial development throughout the twentieth century thus increasing the population to more than 180,000 in habitants, although thanks to its large industrial and service network it is a municipality with its own entity that has avoided becoming a dormitory city. The increase in population has forced the construction of numerous access roads, expanded the supply of public services and has boosted the creation of new neighborhoods within it.
Getafe has a number of monuments and sights that represent a faithful reflection of its history. The most famous and visited place of Getafe is the hill of los Angeles, but there are other important places such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Magdalena, the Hospitalillo de San José and the school of the Escolapios Fathers of this municipality.
Cerro de los Angeles: Its fame lies in that it was traditionally considered the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula, although according to the National Geographical Institute the exact location of it is difficult to determine. At its top are the hermitage of Our Lady of Angels and the monument to the Sacred Heart, as well as a convent of Carmelites Descalzas.
Cathedral of the Magdalene: the Cathedral of Getafe is the site of the bishopric of the southern part of the Community of Madrid. This Renaissance temple dates from the eighteenth century, has a Mudejar tower and a Baroque altarpiece. In 1958 it was declared an Artistic Historic Monument and is the headquarters of the Diocese of Getafe.
Hospitalillo de San José: old hospital built, in 1529, to improve the precarious health of the Getafenses then. It maintains a very Spanish style with its central porticado courtyard and small chapel.
School La Inmaculada-Padres Escolapios: school built in 1609 located in the city center. Inside the school grounds is a park.
Ricardo de la Vega Library: old prison built in 1617. From the mid-20th century it became a library. It has a sober style and rectangular plant.
Church of Righteous Saints and Pastor: temple datingback to the sixteenth century, located in Perales del Río. In 2004 it was rebuilt due to the unfortunate state it previously presented.
Convent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and San José de La Aldehuela: monastery of Carmelitas Barefoot located in the place of La Aldehuela de Perales del Río.
Some of the faculties of the Carlos III University of Madrid are located in buildings that functioned as military barracks in the early twentieth century. The faculties of Humanities, Legal Sciences, and the rectory of the Carlos III University of Madrid, are located in this population.
Getafe University Hospital, famous for its burn unit. It is next to the A-42 motorway, at km 12 and is one of the largest in the South area of Madrid.
Getafe Air Base, famous for being one of the first in Spain. It is located to the southeast of the urban center and its use is almost exclusively military, although it is also used by the S A, aeronautical construction factory, (CASA).
The Federico García Lorca Theater, a large cultural center located in the Centro neighborhood. It was built in the 1990s and currently hosts a large number of cultural events.
The Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, stadium of the Getafe Football Club. It is in Getafe Norte, opened in 1998 and has a capacity of 17,000 people.
The Getafe Professional Conservatory of Music, located in Sector III. It is the only public conservatory in the south of Madrid.
The bullring, built in 2004 and located next to the fairgrounds. It hosts bullfights at local parties.
Getafe, is one of the few municipalities of the Community of Madrid, with the exception of Madrid itself, which has a cathedral; is the Cathedral of the Magdalene.

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